Trade-In Your Car !

Improve your Car's Trade-In Value ?

How to improve your car’s Trade-In Value? Most of the car dealers have a trade-in facility, which they often use as a tool to attract new car buyers.

For sure this reduces a lot of running around and leg work for you.  However, the price offered by the dealers is usually very low. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to explore a few additional options too. First and foremost step is to establish the actual Worth, of your car. To know how much your car is worth, you may initiate by checking the prices appearing in the classifieds. Websites for buying and selling used cars can also indicate the worth of your car in context with prevailing market conditions. Knowing the value of your car, allows you to work around a reasonable benchmark. Moreover, it gives you some leverage in your negotiation with the buyer. Most importantly, you can confidently hold on to your price and need not settle for the initial low offers.

You can search few used-cars websites too. This platform can offer you loads of rich information, on the overall market scenario. Additionally, you can even utilize the strength of print media and social media to your advantage.

There’s a huge demand for used cars these days, due to uncertain market conditions affected by Covid-19. If it’s in good condition, you should have no problem selling it to a private party. It’s needless to mention that a well cared car would fetch you a much better price and make it easier to sell. Timely service, general appearance of your car from outside and inside are few essentials to be given due importance.

To gain further insights on how to enhance your Trade-In value also refer our article – Prepare your car for best first impression.

Who is your right buyer ?

You may choose to sell your car to a dealer or a private client. If you’re planning on trading in your old car, know the true market value of it. Do a quick search online to calculate the average value for your model and year. Remember to discuss Trade In separately and not as a part of new car price negotiation (Refer Four Square Technique). It’s even better to sell your old car to a different dealer than the new car seller.

Selling to a private buyer, can get you a better value. But as it needs more time and efforts, you may avoid taking this as your project. This may need your special attention to car detailing, which we discussed earlier. Also arranging back to back Test Drives may require a lot of co-ordination and discomfort. That is to say, if convenience and saving time is your top priority, then selling to a dealer is your best alternative. As a result, you may lose out on your margins. However, you may minimize this lose, by offering and getting your car evaluated by several dealers. This will ensure, you have a fare idea on the actual market value, and choose the best offer.

For most people, the hassle of selling their car to a private buyer is well worth the effort, when you factor in the amount of money saved.

Suggestion & Tips :

*TIP: Buy & Sell websites offer free evaluation on your cars. After having it done, do remember to check on the same website how much are they selling similar cars, to have a fare idea on real price.

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