Test Drives !

A test drive is one of the most important steps in a car purchase.

Hence, your prospective client has all the right to have a close up feel of the car he is about to own.

Most importantly, this is very crucial in determining the fate of the deal.

Therefore, to ensure everything is in place, take care of few essentials.

Watch the video from a buyers perspective, to have a comprehensive understanding of what you as a seller should be prepared for…………… Happy Test driving!

Video Source: ChrisFix

Have a Trial Test Yourself

Have a thorough check of your car, whether it’s ready for a test drive by test driving it yourself.

Check all minor details that you don’t want your buyer to take notice of and thus finding room for negotiation. The objective at this stage should be, that your buyer is not able to point at any shortcomings or flaws.

Fix all simple noticeable issues if any, and check tire pressure and fuel levels.

Observe if any of the warning lights have popped up. If you can address to these issues promptly, then keep the test drive appointment as agreed or else reschedule it for latter. This gives you enough time to resolve the problem.

Accompany buyer during TD

Utilize this as an opportunity to explain key elements about your car including major features and their benefits or any other highlights which resonates with the buyer’s profile.

Your client may have some queries or doubts which may be easily handled at this stage. Accompanying also ensures that you are able to accommodate multiple test drive appointments scheduled at short intervals, subject to your car being in high demand.


Have a Pre-Planned Route

Diligently pre planed route offers a great opportunity to your prospective buyer. It provides an overall balanced exposure, matching his expectations from your car. If only he is fully satisfied with the test drive, he can make up his mind to proceed with the deal.

Therefore pre decide a route in your area. Try to give the current buyer a fair chance to test drive your car with a good mix of driving requirements like low/high speeds, maneuvering round about. Also include straight/curvy roads, off-road drive depending on the car, for at least 10-15 minutes. You want to make the test drive as convenient as possible for both you and the driver.