Test Drive !

Finalize your car only after Test driving it ?

First of all, the test drive is one of the most important steps in the car-buying process.

Test drives give you an idea on how the car operates. Moreover, it helps you decide whether or not the vehicle measures up to your expectations.

As huge investments are involved, you must weigh all factors during test drives to avoid any unexpected surprises later.

Focus on these elements while Test driving ?

Areas to focus during test drives must include, but not limited to following:

  1. Safety features – Most of the new generation cars, have some standard safety features like – Air Bags, ABS brakes. Lately, few advanced active safety features have been introduced by car manufacturers. To name a few they include – blind spot monitoring, rear view cameras, radar-cruise control, pre-crash warning, night vision, auto emergency braking, lane departure alert, hill assist control, evasive steering assist and cornering brake control. A basic understanding of these safety features, and how they may be relevant to your driving requirements, can guide you to choose your right car.

  2. Driving Comfort – Choose an uneven or bumpy route to feel how the suspensions perform. Are they hard and make you uncomfortable, or soft and absorb the impacts of a rough ride. The best vehicles feel tight and controlled over bumps, recovering immediately.
  3. Visibility – As visibility directly enhances safety, compare your different car choice on this aspect. Pay attention to window size, pillar thickness, front and rear windshields and  blind spots areas. If need be, even schedule your test drives for day time or night driving and compare the difference.
  4. Styling –

  5. Leg room – Specially for the driver and also for front and back passengers.

  6. Ergonomics – Convenient placement of various control functions with easy accessibility.

  7. Technological gadgets –

  8. Utility features –

  9. Maneuverability – As the vehicle’s response to quick steering maneuvers is a key factor in avoiding an accident, it’s important to be comfortable with the way your vehicle reacts. While test driving, consider how the car responds to quick maneuvers. Check whether it tracks well when driving straight ahead or whether it requires small, continual corrections.

  10. Luggage space –



Test drive as many cars as possible to discover new rankings in your own list of chosen cars.

Try to schedule your test drive appointments at close intervals. Thus, making comparison between them easier.

In conclusion, Test Drives reveals the true strengths and weaknesses of your  potential car.