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Sell Your Car for a better price !

Are you planning to sell your car for a better price, and keep the buyer happy too.

This may appear to be challenging, in the beginning. However, as we progress through the page, you will find it quite easy and achievable.

Firstly, let’s briefly review the current scenario, and how is it favorable to you, as a seller. Secondly, we will discuss, the essential steps to ensure you Sell Your Car for a better price. Finally, we’ll also see, how these steps lead to a win-win situation, for you as well as the buyer. 

Do you want to be a smart car seller, and excited to discover these amazing steps ?

Then you have landed on the right page, as this is precisely what we are going to learn from this article.

So without much ado….Let’s dive in!!

Current Situation

The year 2020 has been unique on many fronts.

Every sector has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and automobile sector was no exception.

All of us would agree, that we observed a prominent drift in consumer’s behavior during past several months.

As it was mandated to observe social distancing, many people were prompted to buy their own car as a substitute to public transport.

On the other hand, many opted to sell off their vehicles, either due to underutilization or switching over to economical options.

Coming to two major car markets in Gulf – Saudi Arabia witnessed a surge in car buying activity in May & June. This was due to new revised 15% VAT was getting implemented from 1st July 2020.

On the other hand, UAE’s populace also witnessed stronger desire to own their private car. Primarily, concerns over safety and health, contributed to a higher inclination to buy their own car. Moreover, uncertainties on lockdown, avoidance of public transport, social distancing measures has forced many into the car owner’s league.

In conclusion, the current situation is continuously adding new prospective buyers to the ever-growing list.

Preparing to Sell Your Car for a better price !

With the aforesaid points, it becomes evident that, the stage for both buyers as well as sellers is equally poised to derive maximum benefit.

However, as you intend to sell your car, we’ll be focusing here on essential steps required to ensure making a profitable deal.

By following few though effective steps, we will aim at preparing you to sell your car, at your target price.

Moreover, we will try to  make the process as smooth as possible.

Lastly, we will aim that both you and the buyer are happy with the outcome.

Maximize your profit while keeping your car buyer happy!

The only pre-requisite to achieve this objective is your clear understanding and an honest implementation of these 8 amazing though surprisingly simple steps

Let's discover Key steps to Sell Your Car for a better price !

How to keep your Buyer Happy !