Promotions and Offers !

Can timing your purchase benefit you !

Best time for car purchase

What is the Best time for car purchase? Can timing your purchase really be advantageous. The short answer, is Yes, it does make a difference, if you time your purchase well. Let’s, find out how.

You can expect to strike your best deals, if you time your purchase during :

  1. The holy month of Ramadan
  2. National Day holidays
  3. Year-ends
  4. Around month ends
  5. Any other Seasonal Promotions

During the holy month of Ramadan, many attractive schemes are announced, by the dealers to have an edge over competing brands. You have a great opportunity, to gain on many other elements like, extended service terms, warranty benefits, free insurance in addition to attractive prices. This could be one of your Best time for car purchase.

Similarly, just before National holidays too, there is a drop in dealer sales. To catch up for this lose, few dealers come up with promotional activities.

Around the year ends too, similar situation prevails, and most the suppliers announce their promotional campaigns. Especially to clear up the old stock inventory, and make room for fresh arrivals.

If you have missed out on any of these opportunities, don’t get disheartened, as every month-end can still have something good in store for you. As most of the dealers operate on monthly targets, there is always a greater chance to strike a better deal around month ends. This is usually, due to high pressures of reaching the designated targets.