Price Negotiation !

How and When to negotiate ?

After travelling through various stages, we have now reached one of the most exciting step in our journey. Now, you know your Budget, chosen your car, test-driven cars and fairly know which dealer to buy from. At this stage, you may be tempted to Negotiate Price, hoping to strike your best possible deal, but hold on. There is always a best way and time to engage in your price negotiations. There is a surprise element to it though !

Important part to get the best deal possible, is by NOT NEGOTIATING.

Do you feel, that face-to-face negotiation with a car salesman, is the only way to get the best bargain? Most of the car shoppers share this opinion – think again.

Trust me, never ever visit a car showroom to negotiate price. Instead, try getting it on phone or email.

Watch this short video of Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, author of The Predictioneer’s Game, talking about the optimal method to getting the lowest price on a new car. Pay attention to the way he sums up the complex process in a simple to understand way.

Use your first visit to a dealership, solely as a trip to look at the car and gather preliminary information on specifications. Even let the dealer know, that you are not buying today and that you’re simply in the research stage.

Gather the information you need from your visit, and leave, so you can collect your thoughts on your own, without someone hovering over you. Then move on to the next dealer on your list, and repeat.