Prepare your car for best first impression !

Match up to the prospective buyer's expectations

Why should a prospective buyer choose your car over others? To ensure this, prepare your car for best first impression.

You would surely, want to see your car stands out. This is necessary to have a competitive edge over similar vehicles, available to buyers to choose from. This not only encourages buyer to engage in a healthy and purposeful, purchase discussion, but also guarantees a better price.

Let your Car Sparkle

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It’s no rocket science to realize the fact, that a well-kept and sparkling car will attract* (paid link) the prospective buyer’s attention.

This makes even better sense, especially if he has seen similar vehicles, which were not so clean.

Believe it or not, this simple fact works as a magnet. And builds an invisible bond between the buyer and your car. This will beyond doubt, lead the buyer to yearn for owning your car.

To achieve this, few of the highly recommended and economical ways are described below. You can effectively utilize them to enhance your car looks.  This ensures striking a much profitable deal with minimum convincing.

Effective Car Detailing Tips to Prepare your car for best first impression

Should it not be worthwhile, for you to spend time and a little money on your car detailing. Give your car an attractive look inside out.

NOTE: These items will surely build a positive impression in your prospective buyer’s mind, and contribute to a higher recovery.

Specific focus needs to be given to the condition of the floor mats, (paid link) which play a key role in building the very first impression. You may have to either clean them  (paid link) or even replace them (paid link)

If need be, clean up the Engine compartment (paid link), with Red Penguin Compartment Cleaner (paid link)

Pay attention to the exterior Black plastic (paid link) appearance which needs to be restored and given a “like new” look for exterior trims (paid link)

Your car interior can also shine by small efforts. Be it textile or leather surfaces, (paid link) be it  door trim or roof lining (paid link). Pay due attention, as these details too are under scrutiny of the buyer. 

A potential prospective buyer car either be attracted or repelled by the interior odor (paid link). Try eliminating the bad interior odor, (paid link) for a positive impact (paid link)

An immaculate appearance of wheels-caps/rims & tires (paid link) is also a sure way to impress your prospective buyer. He perceives this as savings, as he doesn’t have to spend on purchasing new rims or tires (paid link)

To give your car a shining exterior look, it’s worth while to at-least give it a thorough washing & waxing (paid link)

And finally if the storage compartment is neatly organized, it would give a big YES in favor of your car (paid link). 

Repair & Maintenance Records

Share a comprehensive repair and maintenance history of your car with your serious prospective buyer. Also, if there was a major repair, you need to be upfront with the buyer and re-assure them with proof that the repair was done properly. This allows you to build a closer bond and willingness on the part of the buyer to shell out more money.

Demonstrate you Care for your Car

Potential buyers want to be reassured that they aren’t about to purchase a vehicle that will turn out to be a lemon. One way you can offer that reassurance is by showing the vehicle’s maintenance records. If you have maintained your car meticulously and, importantly, have kept those records, show them to prospective buyers. Many people will be impressed by your proper treatment (paid link) of your vehicle.

What if you have not kept your records well?

It definitely gives you an added advantage to have clear and complete car history. However, due to any reason if these records are missing or incomplete, you need to take your client in confidence by either getting a thorough check-up report from a reputed private agency or arranging them from the original dealer.

These steps to prepare your car for best first impression, will ensure a better client relation, leading to better price.