Negotiating for the best offer !

When you are out in the market and trying to sell your car, you can expect some strange surprises. Get ready for Negotiation if you are aiming for best price, of your car. The chances are extremely high, that your prospective buyer’s offer is less than your asking price. (w.r.t. estimated worth of your car). Similarly, your rightful choice is Negotiation for best price, your car deserves.

Remember, this is simply a part of negotiation process. You are not only required, to be ready for it, but should be willing to accept it.

Following tips may come handy, if you feel the offer is too low, and you are not willing to compromise, below your car’s estimated worth.

Tips and Tricks of Negotiation for Best Price as a Seller

The Silent Pause:

If you aren’t comfortable with the offer, simply say “no” and pause……..keep pausing……a little longer……..almost there…….keep going….you get the point.

The silence is awkward, but it will cause that price to slowly climb back up into the selling range you are comfortable with. Try it…. and you will be surprised…   it does work.

The Proactive Rule:

Instead of waiting for the buyer to ask you the lowest you’re willing to go. You can simply ask the buyer, what’s the most they can go.

This puts the ball back in their court, and will allow you more time to evaluate, if you and the buyer are going to be able to come to an agreed-upon price.

Having taken care of your car, and judiciously spent money on it’s upkeep, you can truly demand for the value your car deserves. 

The Walk Away Method:

If you’re not comfortable agreeing to their offer, you can always use the walk-away (or drive-away) method.

The walk-away method will creates a fear in the buyer mind. Because it gives the impression the car is slipping away from his hands, and the buyer is missing it out.