Narrowing down your choices !

Compare between your choices so far

In our last section, Have your Wants defined”, we outlined the broad parameters to be focused. Now it’s time to laser target these parameters and Narrow down your Car choices.

Based on these parameter, you may now relate to the features you are looking for in your car.

This will assist you to, prepare an exhaustive checklist, including the must have options or features in your desired car.

Lastly, you can start comparing between various (minimum 3-4) models you have short listed till now, based on your Budget, Need and Wants.

To help you Narrow down your Car choices, list down important features that matter. Remember to place them in order of importance in terms of their utility to you.

Your comparison table will somewhat look like this:

Comparison table

Role of Test Drive :

This is the right time to visit your local supplier, for a test drive and have a closer look at your choices.

This is your chance to evaluate acceleration, visibility aspects, leg room, ride comfort, handling properties, utility features, and to see the car up close in person, also evaluating choices of available colors.

Try emulating your routine driving habits, and see how the test drive vehicle scores.

This is the most effective way, to trim down your choices.

Only after you’ve determined your budget, evaluated your needs, established your wants, conducted thorough research, and taken test drives, can you make the best possible decision on your new car.

How to widen your choices

Just as different people have different needs for a new or used car, we also have different wants.

No wonder then, that there are so many makes and models from which we can choose from. You can widen your choice, by thinking out of the box.

In addition to brand new cars from showroom, oftentimes there are good alternatives available, in the form of Old Stock vehicles, Demo or Test – Drive vehicles. Also, you must expand your choices, by considering good vehicles offered by used car dealers as well.

You may even try out on few good options, offered by car exporters from Saudi Arabia.

Alternatively, consider choices offered by direct car owners, who want to sell their cars due to various reasons.

For some practical tips, also refer an article by Omar Shariff, Deputy Middle East Editor on “How to buy a used car in the UAE

If you want to land up for the best deal, be flexible with your choices.

That means, you should not be stubborn, and have only one vehicle, fixed in your mind.

Try this out yourself, and I guarantee you’ll be astonished with the results.

If you already have a car in mind, you should still review other comparable vehicles in the same class, to make sure you haven’t overlooked, an even better choice.

With this you have successfully crossed the major hurdles, however few more steps and you’ll soon be at your destination.

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