Know the value/worth of your car !

Having a realistic approach, to know the value of your car is quintessential. It is the major milestone, to get you the best deal. You should neither undervalue your car, nor have high expectations.

The real market value, not only depends on vehicle’s model year, brand, grade, mileage, and overall condition but also on the market demand for your car.

If your vehicle scores low on above parameters, but is in high demand, you may expect to have a straight benefit.

Other important aspects that matter to the new buyer, may be the cost of ownership – which is a combined measure of factors like fuel economy, availability of essential parts and cost of general maintenance.

Higher the cost of ownership as perceived by the buyer, lower will be your selling price.

Various sources for you, to establish a realistic value for your car may include:

Classified ads in News paper

Used car dealers

New car dealers

Facebook car selling groups

Websites for Buying & Selling

By referring to these sources, and a little research on how same or similar cars like yours are being sold, will give you a fair idea on the realistic value of your car.