Define your wants !

Now that you have an idea on your budget, and know what types of vehicles will satisfy your needs. It’s just the right time for you to Define your wants. You may now decide, what you want in your new car. It is important to note, that the various factors associated with your wants may vary. Based on individual preferences, they form the basis of your decision. You must weigh your choices on these parameters, before settling down for your dream car.

To have Best Value for your money, you may consider the following major parameters:


Safety isn’t expensive it’s priceless.

What are the active and passive safety systems in a car?

If you think airbags, ABS, traction control, etc, are just jargons meant for racers or enthusiasts, think again. Safety is a must, and should not be compromised. While you define your wants, safety should be one of the prime parameters. Even if you are on a tight budget, opt for a car which at least has airbags and ABS.

Fortunately, a vast majority of modern cars, are fundamentally quite safe.

So, whether a car is safe enough for you, comes down to personal requirements more than anything else. Therefore, it’s worth understanding the aspects of safety, and what kind of cars have an edge over others.

Lately, few advanced active safety features have been introduced by car manufacturers. To name a few they include – blind spot monitoring, rear view cameras, radar-cruise control, pre-crash warning, night vision, auto emergency braking, lane departure alert, hill assist control, evasive steering assist and cornering brake control.

Safety features are classified into two categories :

A) Active safety - refers to features which help you avoid an accident

Primarily, the active safety features which are mandatory on most of the new generation vehicles include – ABS, traction control, and stability control. These features assist car drivers, to avoid an inevitable collision, by providing extra stability and maneuverability, in the event of sudden braking. Learn more on signs & symptoms of failing brakes.

These features not only contribute to driver’s being more mindful of their dynamic surroundings, but also assist actively to avert any probable accident.

B) Passive safety - whereas passive safety systems comes into play during a collision.

passive safety feature gets into action during an accident, and work to minimize damage. They reduce the risk of injury to the occupants during the time of impact.

These systems are seat belts, air bags, crumple zones and the construction of the vehicle.

A lot of brand-new car models have blind-spot monitors with an acoustic signal.

If your vehicle does not have such functions, having blind spot mirrors is highly advised.

These tiny mirrors are affordable and super-useful, enhance visibility, hence contributing to Safety.

If your automobile does not have blind-spot monitors, then investing in these little, blind-spot mirrors is a great choice.

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A common misconception has been that low budget cars cannot be good looking. Finding a stylish car that is affordable is really not so difficult anymore, with the entry of new generation vehicles in recent years. If there is none that fits your style, then maybe you should rework your budget a bit. Remember, a car that looks good can also fetch a good resale value in future.

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Surely, you don’t want to regret your decision in future. While you define your wants, keep reliability of your car as a prime factor.

Reliability is assessed, based on the past data, available related to the car. These are judged, on performance issues related to – Engine, Transmission, Drive system. Other parameters involve ratings on -Body paint, Noise levels, Fuel systems, Suspension, Brakes, Materials used in interiors, Electronics & Electrical fitments.

These factors, may also determine the cost of ownership of your chosen car. As your target is, to keep running costs as low as possible, this assumes prime importance in your choice of car. Refer annexure below, which indicates, even a less expensive car, may be more reliable. On the contrary, cars at the other extreme of the spectrum, may score low on reliability.

Refraining from newly introduced vehicles in the market, with no past references, is the best way to stay happy.

For a deeper insight on reliability concept you may visit which quotes – “If we see high-quality but troublesome cars at one end of the spectrum, there are some reliable but low-quality cars at the other.”

SOURCE score

Comfort and Convenience

Features & equipment help make your journey comfortable and convenient, (paid link). Therefore when you define your wants, give them a pivotal consideration. If you drive regularly or excessively, features that can add to your comfort gain more importance.

Specifications such as an OEM-fitted audio system, power windows, Bluetooth connectivity, are some that should be considered during purchase. However, you should not get sold on every feature on offer if it’s of no use to you.

Also, do remember you can get features installed separately, through aftermarket dealers. Even keep your options open, to consider few essential accessories your car deserves.

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Seating Capacity

Seating capacity is the number of people who can be seated in your car, in terms of both the physical space available, and limitations set by law. If you are single or a small family you may settle down for a small sedan or even a hatch back. A child seat(paid link) is mandatory by law and now easily installable seats are available in combination of forward and rearward facing option – Babyauto Lolo Baby Car Seat From Birth to 3 Years, 0-18 kg – Red* (paid link)

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Resale Value

After few years from now you may decide to sell off your car.

Whether you get a good resale value, will not only depend on the condition of your car, its service history, but also on its Brand or Model.

Hence choosing the right Brand, is imperative, and should be given due consideration while you define your wants.

Cost of Ownership

Some brands may qualify in terms of your budget, and most of the other major factors, however may score low on the Cost of owning.

Before you commit to a car, you should estimate its long-term ownership costs.

These include depreciation, insurance, maintenance and fuel costs. This is one aspect, which, if not given much thought to, can really spiral up the cost of owning your dream car.

Ideally, you would want this cost to be as low as possible, and for that you will need to calculate costs involved in a car’s service, maintenance as well as spare parts.

Also, chat within your close friend circle or a trusted mechanic, to gather real user feedback.

Some vehicle’s parts simply cost more than others, resulting in a heftier maintenance cost.

Fuel Efficiancy

This being a recurring expense, is probably one of the most important deciding parameter by many of the buyers.

If your daily travel is high, it becomes even more relevant, when you define your wants.

Give high ratings to more fuel economical cars in your shortlisted cars.

Any Other Parameters

In addition to the above cited parameters you may have several other criteria like loading capacity, cargo space, right combination of seat / cargo, vehicle dimensions etc, which you may consider necessary.

You are doing amazing till now and have successfully established your your budget, your needs and wants, you may now move onto the next step of further narrowing down your choice.