A True Story !

I am genuinely excited, to share my real life anecdote with you – “Car Buyer’s True Story”. I hope that, all of you as reader’s, who are in the process of buying a car, will gain true insights. As a result of which, you will derive real benefits from these learnings. So it started like this.

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I had an Audi A8-I, and used to enjoy driving it. Unfortunately, due to certain unusual  issues, one fine day it landed in the garage. As you may not believe, surprisingly, it took more than 7 months to get repaired fully. Who can stay without a car, in this part of the world, and I am not an exception.

While the car was undergoing repairs, I was forced to opt for renting a car.  In the beginning, it was joyful as I didn’t have to worry about the car related issues anymore.

Learning through experience

For any problems, even if minor, I had the luxury to go ahead and instantly replace it, with another car. This is by the way, one of the biggest benefits of rent-a-car.

However, this was short lived, as I relished it for two months only. Moreover, I also realized that I was spending too much money on rental fees.

Meanwhile, as my car was still in garage and I had no spare time, to look around for other option like purchasing a car, I was forced to extend my rent-a-car contract for another 5 months.

Finally I received my car back and thought that, now I will have some relief, at least no more spending on rent-a-car. The truth is, I was a bit unlucky, as I decided to save on repair costs and choose a nearby local garage instead of authorized Audi workshop.

The car was ok for first seven days. Subsequently, new issues started showing up. As a result of which, I became extremely fed up, and decided to get rid of this car. Finally, I sold it in used car market for a very low price.

Renting vs Buying Dilemma

Once again I had to go for another rent a car. However, this time I thought to go for a less costly one. I happily settled down for a Nissan Micra, as it qualified well on my criteria of economy and excellent mileage.

For the first seven days I was very contented. However, after a while, I started feeling other issues, which were not related to the car but were external. Let me elaborate

Due to the smaller size and status of this car, I noticed that, the behavior of many of the road users was completely different.

As a result of this rude attitude, I was not able to drive comfortably on first lane. Moreover, this psychological shock, led me to remember my earlier – so called status cars. I developed a strong urge to switch to another car.

However, due to Covid-19 situation, I was stuck with Micra for many months, and faced the wrath of other drivers. When I couldn’t digest this rude behavior anymore, I decided to give it a serious thought and look for solution.

Well, this led me to sit back and calculate how much have I spent on my rent-a-car. To my utter shock, I realized that I have actually spent a huge sum of AED 55,000.

An instant thought that came to my mind was to stop spending on rentals. Rather it’s high time, I should buy my own car.

Corrective Action

I started looking for various options to choose from. One of my friend suggested to look for Mercedes used car. I thought he must be joking. But when he insisted several times, I agreed to accompany him to few used car dealers. I was totally impressed by the prices offered, and was excited as well, because I always had a strong desire to own and drive a Mercedes.

Finally, I bought one of the Mercedes E 240. It’s condition was very good as per my expectations, and also reasonably priced. Even the color Golden, was to my liking.

Let me acknowledge, that this has given me a real peace of mind after a long wait. Firstly, now I own a Mercedes, my dream car, Secondly, I am not facing the wrath of other drivers anymore. Most importantly, even the spare parts are easily available in Sharjah industrial area, at very economical rates.

At last, I am now able to enjoy my tension free and smooth ride, on my Mercedes Benz.

My suggestion to you is that; please consider taking advice on your car buying from experts. The money that you are probably spending on rentals may as well be utilized on a good car purchase that you deserve.

Key Takeaways