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Car buying in UAE

Your journey of buying your car in UAE, can be exciting and immensely rewarding. This is possible when you can take well informed decisions, as you progress towards your ultimate goal of buying a new or used car.
However, reaching the final destination of buying your best car, may get complex and challenging at times.
Therefore, the best way moving forward is to prepare yourself for the worst scenario and counter these challenges with best possible options at hand.

In this session, you will learn :

  • What should be your optimum car budget ?
  • Define your needs and wants.
  • Understand depreciation and it’s impact on your choice of car ?
  • How to get the best Trade-In value for your car ?
  • Who qualifies to be your best car dealer ?
  • When and how to negotiate for best price ?
  • Why Test Drives are important ?

Each stage may offer challenges, yet how well you counter them will ultimately decide your satisfaction levels.

For an easy understanding, let us divide your journey, into 3 major and 9 sub-categories as follows:

Milestones of a car buyer's journey !

A-Your research and assessment

It’s always a good idea to do first things first. That is to say, knowing your car budget before you venture into any other aspects of buying is essential. In this section, we will learn more about Car Budgeting and how to calculate our own car budget.

Having done your budgeting, you may now work on establishing your requirements. Assessing your mobility needs, gives you the direction to move towards your right car choice. score

Individual preferences play a major role in choosing your ultimate car. By having your wants defined, you will be able to focus on specific parameters relating to Styling, Safety, Comfort & Convenience, Resale Value, Fuel economy, Cost of Ownership, Reliability and more.

Having established your Budget, your Needs and Wants, it’s time to moving forward to Narrowing down your choices. Here we will learn how to opt for your best car by comparing between your own chosen list of vehicles.

B- Other Factors that matter

In this section we will discuss, what to consider while choosing your best options, if you intend to Trade In your Car.

Test Drive is one of the most essential steps in choosing your car. Even if you are considering to buy a New car or a Used car, test driving your car is quintessential to take a right decision. To have a better understanding on importance of Test Drives you may visit both sections of New as well as Used car Test drive.

It pays to know different types of dealers, and then it becomes easy to choose your best dealer. When you are knowledgeable of your opponent, you can handle him well. Their may be Aggressive dealer, Bad – Credit dealer or Community dealer to name a few. What are their traits and who is the right fit for you.

C- Financial Considerations

Knowing the Resale Value of your car is a tricky game. It may not be easy to arrive at the correct value, as it depends on a mix of factors like the Make, the Model, depreciation rate, market conditions and buyer’s perception at large. We will share insights on how depreciation plays it’s role in your car’s Resale Value.

Some say Price Negotiation is an art – may be they are partly right ! Here we will explore what is the right time to negotiate and how do we achieve our goal of striking our best deal.

Key Takeaways

It’s not a secret anymore, why only a handful of car buyers strike a perfect deal.

They know answers to questions as simple as how much should be their optimum car budget. Moreover they are also aware of the right sequence of steps to follow.

Firstly, start with establishing your right Budget, your Needs and Wants. Secondly, you move ahead into aspects of Trade In your car, Test Drives and choosing your Best dealer to maximize profit. Finally you learn, how depreciation and Price Negotiation may have a direct impact on your overall deal. 

Therefore, these small bits of information, can make your car purchase a rewarding experience.

So, let’s start this exciting journey together, with a quick interesting Quiz…..

Car Blue

Knowing your Budget !

Why is it important and how to assess your budget ?

Assess Your Mobility Needs !

Researching and Establishing your essential needs

Have your Wants Defined !

What are essential wants you are looking for in your car ?

Narrowing down your choices !

Compare between various choices and shortlist top 3

Knowing your car Resale value !

Why is it important and how to assess Resale value of your chosen car ?

Choosing your best dealer !

Basic tips to choose your best dealer and how it impacts your decision ?