Be Honest !

Always tell the truth, and be honest, even if it may hurt the sale.

Of course you want to do whatever you can, to sell your car at the best price possible, but never do so by deceiving a buyer.

Remember ! What goes around, comes around and the truth is always better.

Be honest

With that said, if there was an accident, you must disclose it. If there was a major repair, you also need to notify the buyer. A good rule of thumb is to treat the buyer as if you were going to live next door to them, after you sell them your car. Character matters, especially when selling your car to a complete stranger.


These steps if executed diligently and with sincerity will not only maximize your profits but also make the complete selling process an enjoyable experience for you as well as the buyer.

  1. Understanding the real value of your car ?
  2. How to prepare your car for the best first impression ?
  3. What is the best way to sell your car ?
  4. How to advertise and promote your car ?
  5. Utilizing Test Drives to maximize returns ?
  6. How to negotiate for the best value for your car ?
  7. Plan for ownership transfer to the new buyer ?