Assess Your Mobility Needs !

How to assess your Mobility needs ?

Understanding your needs is a critical component in making your right choice. The criteria to assess your mobility needs, may vary depending on your situation. Let’s see how your circumstance can influence your needs, thereby affecting your choice of car, for instance if:

  • You have a new license, therefore you may prefer opting for an entry level car like a small Hatch Back or Sedan.
  • If you are not yet married, you may be satisfied with an affordable basic option small Sedan.
  • On the other hand if you are a family man, you need something bigger and safe, like a mid-size Sedan or SUV.
  • For a fun loving explorer types, a sports car or an off-road vehicle would rank high in your list.
  • Not to forget if you are an elderly person; you’ll need a car with load of convenience features. Luxury Sedan or Station Wagons with easy of entry and exit will score high for you.
  • As an establishment like leasing or rent a car, you’ll focus on the needs of your end consumers.
  • Lastly as a contractor; you may need a commercial vehicle. A pick-up, a truck, a delivery or a passenger van will be more appropriate for your requirement.

Four major Categories vs Needs


Everyone has a unique set of requirements in a new vehicle.

Choosing something that meets those needs is critical to achieve long-term satisfaction with your purchase.

Keep in mind the budget that you decided in our last section.

At this stage you need to be very clear, on the type of vehicle which is most likely to satisfy your needs.

Based on your needs and information collected on your dealer visits, you will be able to choose from these 4 major categories and can move ahead to focusing on your wants.