Advertise and promote your car !

Make the Advertisement Look and Sound Great

These days, there are plenty of places to advertise vehicles for sale online, and many of them are free or low-cost.

When you advertise your car, you want to put its best tire forward in the form of excellent photos and a good description.

Simply try to make the advertisement look and sound great. Take some time to park your car with a neutral background and in shade or soft light (as at dusk) that shows your car to the best advantage in your photos. Similarly, write a description of the car telling the prospective buyer about its best features.

Let your prospective buyers know about your car. You can reach them by promoting and advertising in many ways.

Free classified ads – In local newspaper like Gulf News / Khaleej Times

Super Market Notice Boards – In your vicinity.

Sign on Car – This is simple, old fashioned, but still very effective.

Facebook Marketplace – Facebook will even give you a range your car should sell for

Whatsapp Groups – Sharing on social media groups can yield prompt response.

Video Source: ABC News