Honest insights into a car shopper's journey - Revealed !

In a car shopper’s journey, as buyers we find it extremely difficult at times, to decide which car to buy. It’s equally challenging for sellers, to deploy effective techniques and find the right buyer

Sounds like YOU !

If so, and you are looking for answers, than you are in the right place.
We aim at providing you with honest insights, and sail you through your journey.

Buyer's Domain

  • What should be your optimum car budget ?
  • Define your needs and wants ?
  • Understand depreciation and how does it impact your choice of car ?
  • How to get best Trade-In value for your car ?
  • Who qualifies to be your best car dealer ?
  • When and how to negotiate for best price ?
  • Why Test Drives are important ?

Seller's Domain

  • Understanding the real value of your car ?
  • How to prepare your car for the best first impression ?
  • What is the best way to sell your car ?
  • How to advertise and promote your car ?
  • Utilizing Test Drives to maximize returns ?
  • Negotiate to get best value for your car ?
  • Plan ownership transfer to the new buyer ?

In addition to an understanding of what to expect, we also guide you to counter these challenges, through various stages of your journey as a Car Buyer or Seller.

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