Honest insights into a car shopper's journey - Revealed !

Most of us encounter many challenges, as a car buyer. Let's address few questions to sail you through this journey

  • What should be your optimum car budget ?
  • Define your needs and wants ?
  • Understand depreciation and how does it impact your choice of car ?
  • How to get best Trade-In value for your car ?
  • Who qualifies to be your best car dealer ?
  • When and how to negotiate for best price ?
  • Why Test Drives are important ?

As a car seller too, it's equally challenging to choose the right technique and find the right buyer. Let's explore

  • Understanding the real value of your car ?
  • How to prepare your car for the best first impression ?
  • What is the best way to sell your car ?
  • How to advertise and promote your car ?
  • Utilizing Test Drives to maximize returns ?
  • Negotiate to get best value for your car ?
  • Plan ownership transfer to the new buyer ?

In addition to an understanding of what to expect, we also guide you to counter these challenges, through various stages of your journey as a Car Buyer or Seller.

Above all, we undertake to  prepare you to take well informed decisions essential to accomplish your goal – be it buying your dream car or selling your old one.

So let’s dive in to explore more !

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